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Welcome to the Official Site of AAWDA!

You have found the American Association of Web Design Awards!  This association is FREE to join. The aawda was founded by S.L.Charland in August of 2005. It's purpose is to provide high standards of quality in web design award programs.

Criteria for Membership:

1) Site must be in english

2) Site must not contain porn, racism, hatred or any illegal content

3) Site must contain a privacy statement

4) Site must contain an ethics statement

5) Site must contain a purpose statement

6) Site must be qualified to win at least your lowest award

7) Site must not steal bandwidth from another site

8) Site must contain contact information clearly posted

9) Site must not require the signing of a guestbook in order to qualify

10) Site must be COPPA compliant

11) Site owner must be at least 18 years old

12) Site must be free of copyright infringements

13) Site must not contain any malicous statements regarding any awards program

14) Site must have a list of winners

15) Site must have a difinitive criteria list

16) Site must clearly state the maximum time for award notification

17) Site must clearly state who is notified (winners &/or non-winners)

18) Site must dispaly awards offered (can be stamped with sample)

19) Site must be American owned *

20) Site must offer an e-mail alternative to an application form


 ***   We Now Offer Membership in Our INTERNATIONAL DIVISION!  ***

    Criteria for AAWDA's International Division is the same as it is for our regular members with the Exception of requirement number 19.

NEW E-ADDRESS: aawda@BlessedBeMe.com

Apply for Membership Today!

Please include your Country. USA residents include your City & State. Thanks. 

To be considered for membership send an email with your name and site's URL to aaowda@blessedbeme.com

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